The plea of Bishop Macarie in the Smicala case: It is essential to unlock this dramatic situation (article from

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Bishop Macarie of Northern Europe launched on Monday an appeal to “unlock the dramatic situation” in which is Camelia Smicală, the Romanian doctor from Finland who has been unable to reunite with her children for several years.

His Grace served the Liturgy on the patronal feast of the Romanian Parish “Saints Hierarchs Ansgar, Rimbert and Uni, Apostles of the North” in Roskilde, Denmark, where he brought to attention the drama of this mother.

The case of Mrs. Camelia-Mihaela Smicala has been widely publicized, and Bishop Macarie has been beside the affected family since the beginning of this separation between mother and children.

“We continue to pray to the All merciful God, the Mother of God and to all the saints to enlighten those who need and are obliged to take righteous and human decisions in this dramatic case,” the hierarch said.

The two children, Maria and Mihai, are in custody of Child Care in Finland.

In order to help the hard-tried family, His Grafce Father Macarie will celebrate Wednesday, February 5th, in the Chapel of the Diocesan Center in Stockholm, the service of the Acatist of the Virgin Mary “The joy of all the troubled ones”.

At the moment of prayer, Camelia-Mihaela Smicală will also take part, and after the service will have a dialogue with those present.

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