Glory to the almighty God Who has added another year to my life on this earth

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Glory to the almighty God Who has added another year to my life on this earth, and I hope with all my heart that for your prayers this is towards mercy from the Lord and not towards reproof. I take this opportunity to offer great thanks to all those who have expressed their wishes for my 42nd anniversary and sent in the same time a thought of peace, joy and blessing towards everyone. I also convey these wonderful spiritual spring testimonies, embracing all of you, children and grownups alike, with the warm arms of prayer, but also the children (in the attached photo) who sang at the pew during the Liturgy held in the church of my native village Spermezeu, at the foot of the Tibles Mountains, where I was recently, a place that offers me hope, behold, that there is still a living village in Romania! At this anniversary, I also thank my parents, Vasile and Ana, with endless inner intensity, who have recently reached 60 years of marriage, whom I honor and kiss their loving hands that took care of us! Here are the ones for whom we answer before God and our people: the parents, for our past and our inheritance, and the children, who are our future! Let us pray to the Good God to help us cherish them, protect them, and entrust them to Christ, to their salvation and to ours!

 Your Father, Brother and Friend in Christ,
+ Pilgrim Bishop Macarie,
Willing all that is good and praying ceaseless for you all.

Stockholm, 9 May 2019

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