His Grace Bishop Macarie: “It is up to us to receive the loving and saving hand of Christ the Savior who takes us out of the crazy spiral of the cares of the world”

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His Grace Bishop Macarie Drăgoi of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe was among the Romanians in the capital of Norway these days, where he investigated the sick at home and in hospitals and encouraged those deprived of liberty who were imprisoned in penitentiaries. At the Divine Liturgy he served in the parish church of Oslo, the hierarch interpreted the evangelical pericope found in the Gospel of the Apostle Matthew (VI, 22-33), about the worries of life. “In the evangelical fragment that has been read today at the Divine Liturgy, the Savior Jesus Christ does not speak to us in parables, neither does he metaphorize, but transmits directly and concretely that too many times in our lives our spiritual powers, mind and heart are scattered by the worries of life. So, our Savior Jesus Christ is not indifferent to our worries and needs, but He shows that He assumes them with all responsibility if we obey Him and seek His holy will. Through this evangelical word, behold, the Lord brings us out of the illusions of the postmodern world. The first illusion is that we constantly believe that we are controlling our own lives, but in fact, even if we do not know or admit it, we are in the hand of God, to the loving hand of God that stretches eternally towards us. But it depends on us if we catch it like Peter who is immersed in the swollen sea by ​​the storm in Galilee, it depends on us if we catch this loving and saving hand, which takes us out of the crazy spiral of the worries of the world, which, too often, overwhelms us,” the Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Northern Europe said.

At the end of the ministry, the hierarch gave the young and the children gifts, then led a group of young people to the Drammen fjord, where a saint was martyred in 1043, the Holy Martyr Halvard the Norwegian, the protector of Oslo and of the Romanian parish in the capital of the Kingdom of Norway.

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