His Grace Macarie: “Many families break apart every day, with great dramas, under the sorrowful eyes of the Mother of God”

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At the invitation and blessing of the The Most Blessed Metropolitan Teofan of Moldavia and Bucovina, His Grace Bishop Macarie of Northern Europe served at the feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother, the night service and the second day the Holy Liturgy at the Zosin Monastery in Botosani County, being surrounded by a group of priests and deacons.

Numerous believers attended the ministry coming closer or farther to be in the community on this great feast day. Many of them received the Holy Communion.

The Romanian hierarch congratulated all those who bear the name of the Mother of God.

“We prayed that the Mother of God would cover us under her luminous cover. My grandmother, who did not have any studies, but was exalted in the Spirit’s culture, in godliness and holiness, said in her simple words this prayer: that we may be found as brothers and sisters, as children and children of God at the heart of Virgin Mary, because the Mother of God intercedes for us ceaseless. As I have told you, our country is called the Garden of The Mother of God. I reminded you of the hermits from Bisericanii Neamțului who wanted to leave their monastery towards Mount Athos and how the Mother of God stood before them asking where to? And they said to Herwith joy and earthquake, “Most holy Mother of God, we go to your garden in Athon. “The Mother of God stopped them, saying, “Stay here at Bisericani, for this is my garden also!” The Mother of God tell us the same thing: Stay here, in fear, earthquake and joy at Zosin, for here is my garden also! Stay in all monasteries and monastic settlements, because you will each find yourself as scented flowers in my garden. As I have already said, our country is known as the Garden of the Mother of God, but are our things worthy of this reputation? It is painful that many abortions are made every day. The most fragile and innocent human beings are killed, before the unseen presence of the Virgin Mary. It is painful that many families fall apart day after day, with tremendous dramas, under the sorrowful eyes of the Mother of God. It is painful that many soul and physical abuses take place under the crying eyes of the Mother of God. More painful is the fact that we are often burdened with the care of life, and we no longer ask for help from The Mother of God, who feels said, not when she is despised and accused without any fault, but mostly when us, the Christians, for too long does not ask for help and does not follow the parable of his life. So let us ask for uninterrupted help and follow the parable of her pure and sacrificial life to be greeted at the Gate of Heaven by the Most Holy Mother of God and to all of us acquire a corner of Kingdom of the Most Holy and life giving Trinity. We hope the Mother of God will meet us at the gate of Heaven. At Athos, in many places, the fathers told me that there are pilgrims pure at heart and see a women simply dressed in monks clothes on the paths of the Holy Mountain. The Mother of God, who is always present and offering care everywhere, is with her children. Wherever they are, she relieves their sufferings, wipes their tears, collects their prayers, and lifts them up indefinitely before the Throne of her Son. So, the Mother of God, in mysterious ways, is now with us, and so it is proper to say: Most Holy Mother of God, have mercy on us!”

At the end of the service, Father Archimandrite Theodosius, abbot of the Zosin Monastery, thanked the hierarch for the ministry and all those present for participation, offering all the pilgrims present a love feast at the patron celebration of the Botoşani monastery.



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