Hell on Finnish

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What has been happening for a few years with the lady and her two children of the Simcala family in Finland exceeds the norms of institutional normality, however strictly tailored, rather falling into a horror scenario.

I do not know the details of the case, hence the suggestion for a publisher to gather all relevant documents in volume, precisely because the general public, but especially the Romanian authorities should understand more easily what is going on there. Until something like this happens, the fate of the two children can’t leave me indifferent. I understand that they are now isolated not only from their mother, considered by the former husband troubled in the head – if you wouldn’t be, you will surely become in such “conditions” of life – but they are also removed from the school circuit.

Without psychoanalysis by the ear and judging a society just for its expenses, the image is, to admit, completely different than the one that Finland presents to the world: emancipated, civilized, prosperous, democratic, etc. To confine children in the isolated house of an old witch – a favorite theme in the Nordic narrative – for the sake of defending their rights, here is the ultimate confirmation of the metaphysical impossibility of some societies to metabolize Christianity. The idea is not mine, but Kirkergaard’s.

As these children are also Romanian citizens, I do not ask rhetorically: at the meetings of the European Councils, how many times has President Johannis intervened in favor of the problem of fellow citizens in distress in the dark Finland? May it be indolence, lack of empathy or simply the shame of someone who steps in, as we see, over recent memory, cutting only what suits them, negotiating their symbolic, cardboard recognitions, to the detriment of the concrete interests of those who actually vote for them?

For the moment, the only one who still maintains the current theme, trying to raise public opinion and decision-makers, is the Romanian Orthodox Bishop Macarie of Northern Europe. However, Finland does not fall under its jurisdiction, this country having its own autonomous local Orthodox Church. One by one, the present case represents the translation of hell into Finnish and as far as we are concerned, it offers the true measure of Romania’s current transition to the EU. Should the new European Prosecutor’s Office be self-notified?

Radu Preda, January 30, 2020, 4:14 pm

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