Daily vitamins for spiritual growth

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“One day, a fisherman who was trying his luck on the sea shore, under a cliff, saw an eagle pushing its young out of the nest and letting it fall into the void. The little eagle, beating its wings chaotically, was trying to regain its balance but as it could not do it, it was plummeting towards the ground.
‘It will crash against the rocks and die’, said the fisherman to himself when, all of a sudden, the father plunged from high up, came towards the baby eagle and caught it on its strong back. Then, it soared again and threw it once more time into the void. The manoeuvre was repeated until the baby eagle learnt how to fly.
God gives us the opportunity to try our wings so that we can fly ever higher, to ever larger and higher things. He has a blessed purpose when he allows the lives of His children to be disturbed by the hardships. We’re back, running away from trying, and we’d like to extend the state of things we feel good about. If it were in our power to decide our lives, we would do very little to the glory of God. That is why He sends us trials and tribulations, which make us grow spiritual wings.
If you feel pushed out of your cozy and quiet nest, do not be afraid, because underneath you stand ready to catch your eternal Father’s arms! He wants to discover how powerful the wings he has given you.”
Daily Vitamins for Spiritual Growth: Day by Day with Jesus Through the Church Year, Volume 2, Anthony M. Coniaris Light & Life Publishing Company, 1997.

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