Carols concerts in the Diocese of Northern Europe are dedicated to the Smicala family

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In the following days of the Feast of the Birth of the Lord December 24-26, 2019, His Grace Father Macarie Drăgoi, bishop for the Romanian Orthodox in Northern Europe was present among the Romanian communities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, sharing the news of the birth of the Holy and Good Infant, especially, for the ones that are alone and sick.

Thus, on the Eve of Christmas, a series of pastoral visits were made in Oslo, caroling and bringing the great news of the Great Day to the Romanians in the capital of Norway and in the surroundings, and, on the first day of the Feast of the Birth of the Lord, May 25, 2019, His Grace Bishop Macarie was present in the Romanian parish in Oslo where he served the Holy Liturgy, talking about those present about “The Child and the Crucified In a World of Strife and Hardness of Heart”.

The first day of Christmas continued with the visit of His Grace Father Macarie to the Romanian community in the city of Helsingborg, on the west coast of Sweden. After the Vespers service in the beautiful Serbian Orthodox church in the city, the hierarch caroled with everyone present, offering children gifts, appreciating the local branch of the “Saint Voivode Stephen the Great” Youth Center of the Diocese of Northern Europe (C.T.S.M).

Thursday, December 26, 2019, when the Church is honoring Saint Nicodemus the Sanctified from Tismana, His Grace Bishop Macarie Drăgoi of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe, on the occasion of the Feast, performed the Holy Liturgy in the Orthodox parish in the Romanian parish in Copenhagen, with a gathering of priests and deacons. At the end of the service, the hierarch caroled alongside clergymen and faithful and offered the traditional gifts to the children in the parish, advising them to empathize with the pain of the ones that are disregarded, foreign and alone, mentioning in prayers the hard fought Smicala family in Finland. In fact, everywhere in the Eucharistic services on these Christmas days, at the end of the service, children and believers held carols concerts, dedicated to children Johan-Mihai and Maria-Alexandra, who are separated from their mother, the doctor Camelia Mihaela Smicală from the Finnish city of Tampere.

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