Call for involvement for the Smicala family

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The situation of the family of the Romanian doctor Camelia-Mihaela Smicala in Finland is getting worse and worse. Her children, Johan-Mihail and Maria-Alexandra, after refusing to stay in the social institutions of the Tampere City Hall in Finland, were discovered by the police. Their mother Camelia-Mihaela Smicala reacted on a social network: “The children were found, picked up by 5 police cars, taken to psychiatry, and me, they will lock me up.”

The Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe has been involved and continues to be involved in helping the family, spiritually, morally and in material matters, but the complexity and seriousness of the situation far exceeds our competences and possibilities. We thank, in this way, to all the responsible factors of the Romanian state, ambassadors, officials, but also to the goodwilling people, journalists and humble individuals, who have been involved in this case, helping the Smicala family.

At the same time, we ask the Romanian state’s representatives to seek with all the attention, with all their will and skill, to defend the rights of the citizens of our state, Camelia-Mihaela Smicală, Johan-Mihail and Maria-Alexandra. It is essential to unblock this situation, through dialogue, through diplomatic, benevolent, but firm steps, within the framework of national and international laws. We are convinced that more can be done in this case and that the involvement of the authorities is necessary to prevent an even greater tragedy.

I continue to urge you to increase our prayer together. Let us ask the God of the orphans and of the widows, of the poor and of the orphaned, to be with Johan-Mihail, Maria-Alexandra and Camelia-Mihaela Smicala.

+ Father Bishop Macarie Drăgoi of the Diocese of Northern Europe

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