Charitable action in the Diocese of Northern Europe for the children in Bessarabia

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On Sunday, November 11, 2018, His Grace Bishop Macarie of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe was among the Romanians in Copenhagen, the capital of the Danish kingdom. On this occasion, the Romanian hierarch served the Divine Liturgy together with a group of priests and deacons. Certain guests attended the Holy Eucharist: Mr. Ambassador Alexandru-Mihai Gradinar together with his family, as well as the distinguished lady of the Bucovina folk music, Sofia Vicoveanca, who, at the invitation of the Romanian Embassy in Denmark, on Sunday, held a recital of traditional music and poetry in the Danish capital. At the end of the ministry, the Father Bishop consecrated as archpriests Fr. Mihai-Marius Hornicar for the Romanian Orthodox Deanery of Roskilde-Odense and Fr. Octavian-Horatiu Muresan for the Romanian Orthodox Deanery of Copenhagen.

In the word of teaching, the hierarch made a comparison between the work of the merciful Samaritan and our call to be the healing hand extended to our distressed neighbor. On this occasion, His Grace Macarie announced the launching of the project “Let’s Enjoy the Birth of the Lord – The Gift in the Shoe Box, 2018”, a collaboration between the Youth Center ”Saint Voivode Stephen the Great” (CTSM) and the “Diaconia” Social Mission of the Metropolitan Church of Bessarabia (Republic of Moldova).

As the title of the campaign suggests, the philanthropic program is built around the idea that every recipient of the project, in our case, Bessarabian children with low financial possibilities, will receive a nice packed shoe box in which they find different surprises: toys, sweets, stationery, products for body care, small garments and a personal note from the sender.

At the end of this Sunday’s ministry, after the Communion with the Holy Mysteries, all the children received gifts from the hierarch and the believers were offered icons and books of spiritual use.

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