Father Bishop Macarie: “Let us be stirred by the spirit of the Ascension and keep the path towards heaven”

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On Sunday, June 9, 2019, His Grace Bishop Macarie Drăgoi of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe was among the Romanians in Copenhagen, Denmark. On this occasion His Grace celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the parish church, performed matrimony for two young people and baptized a little girl from the community. Ambassador Alexandru-Mihai Gradinar, accompanied by his wife Andreea Gradinar and their two little girls, also attended the service.

The children attending the Liturgy received several gifts from the hierarch and the youth of the “St. Stephen the Great” Center for Youth received the medal with the image of St. Stephen the Great, the protector of the mission for the youth of the Diocese of Northern Europe.

Referring to the fact that we are in the time of the Lord’s Ascension to heaven, His Grace Macarie urged the faithful: “Let us be stirred by the spirit of Ascension and keep the path towards heaven, let us pull ourselves from below and ascend towards the ones above. Let us live with dignity, with nobility, with manhood in Christ. Let’s not forget that our destination is heaven. We Christians lean towards heaven, to the higher ones, to the spiritual ones. We are standing here on earth, but our souls are longing for the Father in heaven,” Father Bishop said.

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