In Copenhagen, His Grace Macarie offered Her Majesty Margareta and the Romanians in the community the Light of the Resurrection

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The Romanians in Copenhagen enjoyed the offering of the Holy Light, celebrating Easter together with their Bishop, His Grace Father Macarie and the Royal Family of Romania, who chose to spend Easter holidays in the Romanian Orthodox community in the capital of the Danish Kingdom.

The Service of the Resurrection was officiated by Father Bishop Macarie in the presence of Her Majesty Margareta, the Custodian of the Romanian Crown and His Royal Highness Prince Radu. The hierarch thanked the high guests for their worthy and noble presence.

In his pastoral word, His Grace Macarie highlighted the importance of preserving and cultivating the Christian heritage, stating that when man rejects this heritage, on which our European civilization was built, “cuts off his roots, relinquishes his past, alters his present and refuses his future”.

In her thankful word, Her Majesty Margareta said: “It is a great joy and privilege to be here in this holy night. You talked about the Christian legacy and the importance of this spiritual dimension, which today is missing too much. We think of our country and we do not forget about tradition and spirituality. Christ is risen!”

At the end of the ministry, after the believers’ communion and the blessing of the Paschal offerings, His Grace Macarie offered the children various gifts.

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