His Grace Father Bishop Macarie Drăgoi: Let us love and follow Christ on the Golgotha ​​of forsaking and suffering!

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These days, His Grace Bishop Macarie Drăgoi of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe is on a pastoral visit to the Romanians in Denmark.

On this occasion, Saturday, February 29, 2020, the Romanian hierarch celebrated the Holy Liturgy of the Feast in the Romanian Orthodox Parish “The Baptism of the Lord and the Holy Saints John Cassian and Gherman from Dobrogea” in the Danish city of Sønderborg. In the evening, the Bishop Bishop Macarie performed the services of the Great Versper and Artoklasia in the Romanian Orthodox Monastery “Saints Hermits Macarie the Roman and John Jacob from Neamt” in Ikast.

On the Sunday of the Removal of Adam from Paradise, His Grace Bishop Macarie performed the Holy Liturgy in the Romanian Orthodox Parish “Saint Great Martyr Catherine and Saint Great Martyr Mercury” in the Danish city of Tønder. In the teaching word, the hierarch referred to how we should prepare before entering the path of the Great Lent: “We give all our efforts to be with our Savior Jesus Christ, because He longs to meet us at the Holy Liturgy, at the Sacred Supper; He wants us to pray and fast as He has prayed and fasted; He wants to forgive those who wrong us as He Himself has forgiven those who have killed Him through crucifixion. In today’s Gospel we are told repeatedly that if we will not forgive the mistakes of those who wrong us, neither will our heavenly Father forgive us our mistakes. Therefore, our Savior Jesus Christ sacrificed and died on the Cross for us with open arms, embracing us, to open for us His parental arms in heaven. Let us love and follow our Savior Jesus Christ everywhere in the stable and in the temple, in blessing and persecution, in freedom and in exile, and especially on the Golgotha ​​of forsaking and suffering for our salvation. Romanians and Orthodox from these far-off realms, may all of you be the spiritual lights of the North, because in these realms that are less dwelled in light, we must spread the light of our Savior Jesus Christ by becoming light carriers, becoming the holy lights in ourselves, becoming on this sea of ​​foreignness islands of living faith to attract all those who are weary and burdened by the evil and hardships of the world,” said the hierarch.

On the occasion of the Eucharistic services these days, the children received many gifts from the bishop and the ladies present received a flower on the occasion of the beginning of Spring.

In the first week of the Great Lent, His Grace Father Bishop Macarie will serve at the Ikast Monastery and in several parish communities in the Kingdom of Denmark.

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