PS Bishop Macarie: “We are too many times squandering sons in this wasteful world”

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These days, His Grace Bishop Macarie of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese is on a pastoral visit to the Romanians in Norway.

On Saturday, February 23, 2019, the hierarch served the Divine Liturgy with the remembrance of those who were asleep in the Lord in the capital of the Kingdom of Norway, Oslo, and on Sunday, February 24, 2019, served the Holy Liturgy in the Romanian Parish of Trondheim.

At both services many children received the Holy Communion, and they also enjoyed the gifts received from the Father’s Bishop. Believers present at the service received several books of spiritual use, and several families were visited by the hierarch at home, giving them comfort and encouragement.

In the word of preaching, the His Grace Macarie referred to the meanings of the prodigal son’s parable, read from the Gospel of Luke this second Sunday of the Triodion: “And we are too many times squandering sons in this wasteful world. Having the gift of true faith, including the Savior Jesus Christ our God, Alpha and Omega, having a blessed, beautiful and rich country, here we are, scattered all over the world. Here we are, running without rest for the carobs of a globalized consumer society, here we are, to all the unseen stigma that haunts and shakes the face of humanity. As the worthy of remembrance our Father Metropolitan Bartholomew: it is not important that we have gone abroad, it is important that we return and do not die wandering through strangers, not taking into account the fact that we have a loving parent who awaits us at home with his arms open. Lord, how great joy it is for You that we may come to our senses, let us return to you, in spirit, spiritually, to truly cherish the gifts with which you have endowed us and return to us our inheritance in full, as if we would not have spent it in our vain struggle and running!” the bishop of the Orthodox Romanians in Northern Europe said.

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