Call for prayer and financial help for a young woman in Galati, Romania

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The young Georgiana Rodica Stratu, 25-year-old, a close faithful of our Diocese, from Priponeşti, Galati County, Romania, suffers from a serious misfortune due to faulty surgery and needs our help to bear the cost of the operations that will follow.

Orphan from an early age, Georgiana has been taking care of her younger brother since the age of 10, to whom she is like a mother. Until high school she grew up supported by the people of good faith in the village, being sheltered in improvised dwellings, and later in a room in a cultural center.

Having a dynamic nature and wishing to overcome her condition, she embraces professional sport, managing to finish high school in the meantime. After an unfortunate accident on the court, her knee is destroyed, suffering a series of unsuccessful ligament fixations. Having no financial means to be consulted at a prestigious clinic, Georgiana finally gets immobilized to bed, while being told that three very complex and costly interventions will be needed.

There is a good chance that her foot will be saved and she will be able to walk again, but the young woman is in a race against the clock to get the sums needed to start the recovery procedures.

We can join her by doing a good deed at the beginning of the Great Lent.

Georgiana can be contacted on the phone number +40753898287 for more details, and those who want to help her can do so in the following account:

RO06BRDE180SV13268581800 on behalf of Georgiana Rodica Stratu

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